Fire Safety Science

Wind Turbine Fire Protection

Protecting your power-generating equipment is a hassle free process with FireSci™. We have specifically designed an integrated system for your fire prone equipment, saving you headaches and loss of downtime if disaster were to strike. 

It Can Take Up To 18 Months To Re-commission A Wind Turbine

1/75 Wind Turbines Are Bound To Experience A Fire In Their Lifetime

According to a GCube Report, a wind turbine fire incident can cost up to $4.5 million. Wind turbines are composed of highly flammable materials such as hydrailic oil, lubricant, composite materials, insulation, and polymers. Certain components in the nacelle may fail and cause sparks, which may catalyze into a  fire with the materials mentioned above. Our fire suppression systems are contained in these vulnerable areas to eliminate the inherent risk of self perpetuating flames by extinguishing the fire seconds after it has commenced. 


Our INDIREL™ system discharges a fully dielectric FK-5-1-12 suppressant virant directly over the electrical switching cabinets and lubricant reservoirs located inside the nacelle of the wind turbine. It is proven to be the most effective fire suppression protection for wind turbines. The low initial cost of owning our systems perfectly meets the needs of wind turbine operators.

Cost Savings

Save yourself the headache of having to deal with insurance premiums and all the needless time of replacing your wind turbine system. An out of service wind turbine can cost up to $1600 a day and downtime can last for months. 


FireSci’s® suppression system will not only eliminate insurance headaches but also significantly decrease the downtime for a damaged wind turbine. The cost savings are endless with a proper FireSci® system.

Wind Turbine Fire Risks

Why Install An Automatic Fire Suppression System?

Protect Your Business

Wind Turbines can catch fire for a multitude of reasons. An out of service Wind Turbine can cost up to $1600 a day. FireSci® has developed specially designed systems to fit your operations.

Reduced Downtime

An automatic fire suppression system is specifically designed to target the heat source and eliminate the flame in just seconds.

Protect Your Staff

Your team is the most valuable asset you have. Sudden fires can not only harm your equipment, but human lives as well. Protect them at all costs with our FireSci® system.

Protect From Destruction

Your equipment, staff, and facility are all at risk when dealing with a small or large fire. The smallest of sparks can catalyze into a wave of destruction, ruining the very business you worked so hard to raise. Protect it at all cost.