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Whether you’re protecting a small battery compartment or a wind turbine nacelle, FireSci™ has you covered. Our Direct and Indirect systems are proven to protect your vital equipment from costly fire damage. Our Targeted Suppression Systems are quick to remove flames in under 2 seconds, leaving no residue, no tedious clean up, and is completely safe for social environment. 

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Products & Solutions

Direct Agent Release System

In just seconds, with no moving parts, the stainless steel DARSYS system delivers clean agent directly to the source of combustion using pneumatically actuated components, suppressing the flame almost immediately after combustion.

Indirect Agent Release System

With separate release and discharge ports, the Fire Safety Science INDIREL Valve System quickly delivers clean suppression agent through our compact 360º nozzle, aimed at hazardous areas prone to fire.

Bulk Clean Agent Solutions

Fire Safety Science provides bulk clean agent for your needs. We supply our globally approved Fk5-1-12, HFC227ea, and ECO-7 clean agent to anywhere in the world. Contact us for inquiries.

Total-Flooding Solutions

We provide Total-Flooding solutions for your needs. Our stainless steel cylinders range from 20lb - 1200lb with versatile installation and little to no maintenance.

SMARTILT™ Valve System

The Fire Safety Science SMARTILT technology allows our cylinders to be positioned vertically or horizontally for straightforward and simple installation.

We specialize in the production of automatic fire suppression systems designed to ensure the safety of various assets and industries. Our commitment to protection is at the core of our solutions, providing a reliable guarantee for safeguarding your assets.


Chemori™ FK 5-1-12 chemical agent is a great solution for protecting electronic equipment as it is non-conductive, non-corrosive, and free from residue. It is composed of fluorinated ketone that is stored as a liquid before being released as a gas.

FK 5-1-12 works by removing the heat source for the flame, extinguishing it immediately. This is considered a safer route from other agents that remove oxygen from the apparent flame instead, which may be unsafe for occupied areas. 


Chemical Identification • 1,1,1,2,3,3,3 – Heptaflouro-propane

Designation • HFC – 227ea

Minimum Extinguishing Con. • Class A – 5.8%. Class B – 6.7%

ALC • >80%

NOAEL • 9.00%

LOAEL • 10.50%

Uses • Class A (Surface Burning) Class B, Class C