Fire Safety Science

CNC Machining

Metal to metal is a recipe for flame ignition. Our systems are designed to put any apparent flame in the vicinity of the installed system at bay.

CNC Machines are prone to sparks which may catalyze into complete destruction

Why Protect Your CNC Machine?

CNC machines are known to be equipped with various moving parts and flammable components such as oil-based coolants. Common causes of CNC machine fires are usually overheating and sparks caused by the friction of two elements. Even at low speed and low temperature, CNC Machines can let out sparks, and given the low flashpoint of the oil coolant, one single spark can cause a self perpetuating fire. In addition, the vapors of the oil-based coolant may linger in the air, increasing the risk of a deadly fire in your workplace.


FireSci® has developed a proprietary system to detect and suppress these fires before catastrophic damage to your equipment and staff. Our heat sensing tubing system recognizes the heat source and sends a pressurized extinguishing agent right to the source, eliminating the flame in mere seconds. 


FireSci’s® automatic fire suppression systems are independent of power, electricity, and water. 


With our FireSci® app, you can get notified in real-time when and where any of your installed systems depressurize. Our focus is to provide you with full monitoring of your systems and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Not having to think twice about the safety of your staff and equipment is a luxury. 

CNC Machine Risks

Why Install An Automatic Fire Suppression System?

Protect Your Business

CNC Machines can cost up to $400K to replace. If left unprotected, you can risk filing needless insurance claims, upgraded premiums, and operation downtime resulting in loss of revenue.

Reduced Downtime

FireSci's® automatic fire suppression system is specifically designed to target the heat source and eliminate the apparent flame in seconds. This drastically minimizes the time it takes to get the machine back up and running in just hours instead of weeks.

Protect Your Staff

Your team is the most valuable asset you have. Sudden fires can not only harm your equipment, but human lives as well. Protect them at all costs with our FireSci® system.

Protect From Destruction

Your equipment, staff, and facility are all at risk when dealing with a small or large fire. The smallest of sparks in CNC Machines can catalyze into a wave of destruction, ruining the very business you worked so hard to raise. Protect it at all cost.