Fire Safety Science

direct agent release system

The Direct Agent Release (DAR) method in our micro-suppression system offers a fast and targeted approach to extinguishing fires in sensitive Class C equipment environments, using FK5-1-12 and HFC227ea pressurized to 195 PSI


  • Heat-Sensing Tubes: Strategically placed flexible polymer tubes act as the primary detection mechanism.
  • Pre-set Temperature Threshold: Each tube is designed to rupture at a specific pre-set temperature, indicating the presence of a potential fire. This temperature is carefully chosen based on the specific environment and the materials being protected.


  • Tube Rupture: When the heat in the vicinity of the tube reaches the pre-set threshold, the polymer material weakens and ruptures due to the exceeding temperature.
  • Direct Agent Release: The pressurized clean agent (FK5-1-12 or HFC227ea, depending on your specific choice) stored in our Stainless Steel System rushes through the ruptured opening in the tube. This opening acts as a self-made nozzle, delivering the agent directly to the immediate area around the fires origin.
  • Suppression: The clean agent extinguishes the fire by displacing the heat or interrupting the chemical chain reaction necessary for combustion, effectively smothering the flames.


  • 3lb, 6lb, 12lb, and 18lb Cylinder Size
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • 13 BAR / 195 psi
  • UN / ISO / DOT
  • Available in SMARTILT Variation

FireSci DAR SMARTILT Stainless Steel Cylinders in 3lb, 6lb, 12lb, and 18lb.*


DAR System with HST and SMARTILT Cylinder Variation

Heat Sensing Tube (HST)

The heart of the DAR system is a heat-sensing tube, made of flexible polymer, it's tough, easy to install, and affordable. When a fire raises the temperature, the heat triggers a rupture, transforming the tube into a self-made nozzle for the clean agent, extinguishing the fire quickly and directly.

Clean Agent Solutions

Our micro-suppression systems offer two clean agent options: FK5-1-12 (Novec 5112) and HFC227ea (FM-200). Both effectively extinguish fires by smothering or interrupting the chemical chain reaction. FK5-1-12 boasts environmental benefits with a shorter lifespan and zero ozone depletion, while HFC227ea is faster acting and more affordable, but has a higher environmental impact. Consult a professional to choose the agent that best suits your needs and regulations.

We specialize in the production of automatic fire suppression systems designed to ensure the safety of various assets and industries. Our commitment to protection is at the core of our solutions, providing a reliable guarantee for safeguarding your assets.