Fire Safety Science

Industrial Total Flooding Systems

• Stainless Steel Cylinders

• Automatic Detection and Actuation Controls

• Flexible Configuration

• Cost Effective Total Flooding Solution

• Cylinder Size 20lb – 1200lb

Versatile Total Flooding Fire Systems For Any Application

Chemori Americas 5112 System

Chemori 5112 is a trademark of Chemori FK-5-1-12. It is environmentally safe and best used in fire hazard areas containing A, B, & C classes of fire. It has been approved by US EPA and ISO for its safe characteristic and fire extinguishing effectivenes.

Chemori Americas 227 System

Chemori 227, also known as HFC227ea, is a highly effective and reliable fire suppression agent that offers numerous benefits. It extinguishes fires rapidly through a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms, reducing damage and downtime in critical environments. HFC227ea leaves no residue after discharge, making cleanup effortless, and is safe for use around sensitive electronic equipment.