Fire Safety Science

Protect Your Critical
Assets From Damage

To effectively prevent catastrophic damage to your business, equipment, and employees, it’s practical to suppress any flames at the earliest stage of their growth. FireSci™ has engineered targeted suppression systems that can quickly and efficiently suppress potential flames in under 2 seconds from their initial growth stage. Our versatile components are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing tailored solutions to meet your needs.

How It Works


  • Heat Sensing Tubes: These are the system’s “eyes and ears,” strategically placed around the protected equipment. They consist of a flexible polymer pressurized with clean agent, which is navigated across the interior of the protected space.
  • Temperature Threshold: Each tube is designed to rupture at a specified temperature, indicating the presence of a potential fire. This specified temperature is carefully chosen based on the specific environment and the materials being protected.
  • Smoke Detection Sensors: Strategically placed smoke detectors continuously monitor the protected environment for any signs of smoke. Each smoke detector is connected to the clean agent cylinder through an electric solenoid. This solenoid acts as a controlled valve.
  • Automatic Discharge: When the smoke detector senses smoke exceeding a pre-set threshold, it sends an electrical signal to the solenoid. The solenoid then activates, opening a valve and allowing the clean agent to flow through a dedicated nozzle towards the fire source.

Discharge - Direct Agent Release System (DAR)

  • Tube Rupture: When the heat in the vicinity of the tube reaches the pre-set threshold, the polymer material weakens and ruptures due to the exceeding temperature.
  • Direct Agent Release: The pressurized clean agent stored in the system rushes through the ruptured opening in the tube, acting as a self-made nozzle. This targeted discharge directly addresses the immediate area around the fire’s origin.
  • Suppression: The clean agent extinguishes the fire by displacing heat or interrupting the chemical chain reaction (halocarbon agents) necessary for combustion, effectively smothering the flames.

Discharge - Secondary Agent Release System (SAR)

  • Tube Rupture: Similar to DAR, the heat-sensing tube ruptures upon reaching the pre-set temperature.
  • Signal Transmission: Unlike DAR, the ruptured tube doesn’t directly release the agent. Instead, it acts as a trigger and transmits a signal to the control panel of the system.
  • Panel Activation: Upon receiving the signal from the ruptured tube, the control panel activates the release mechanism. This triggers the opening of pre-installed nozzles strategically positioned around the protected equipment.
  • Agent Release and Suppression: The clean agent stored in the system is then released through the opened nozzles, blanketing the targeted area and extinguishing the fire using the same principles as DAR.

Why Micro-Suppression
Fire Systems?

Targeted fire suppression is a highly effective method of preventing catastrophic damage caused by fires in specific enclosures. Areas such as server racks, distribution and switching panels, machines, vehicles, wind turbines, and storage compartments can all be protected by this method. If not contained correctly, fires in these areas can quickly spread throughout an entire facility, leading to significant damage and downtime.


Unlike traditional flooding methods, targeted fire suppression uses a fraction of the suppression agent and contains the fire at its source. This results in reduced costs and improved efficiency, as the suppression agent is focused directly on the flame source, rather than flooding the entire room. This can save downtime and allow your business to continue running smoothly after an emergency.


At Fire Safety Science™, our philosophy is to discharge smaller amounts of fire suppressant agent in a targeted manner into a contained space. This approach allows us to suppress fire-prone areas more effectively, with built-in temperature-calibrated materials allowing for perfectly timed, localized discharge that can suppress a rising flame in under 2 seconds.


Not only is Fire Safety Science™ less expensive than our competitors, but it’s also more effective, advanced, and reliable at protecting your assets. Our qualifications and expertise are a proven aspect of that. We take pride in offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that their business operations can continue smoothly and without interruption, even in the event of a fire emergency.

We specialize in the production of automatic fire suppression systems designed to ensure the safety of various assets and industries. Our commitment to protection is at the core of our solutions, providing a reliable guarantee for safeguarding your assets.