Fire Safety Science

Underground Mining Fire Suppression

Our automatic fire suppression systems are pneumatically activated to ensure a safe and controlled discharge if a fire were to occur. Underground mining poses several fire risks due to the unique environment and conditions present in underground mines. Be sure to protect your assets and workforce with a FireSci System.

On average, underground mine fires lead to a 25% reduction in production output.

Electrical hazards in underground mining present a significant fire risk. The extensive electrical infrastructure required to power equipment, provide lighting, and facilitate communication within the mine creates an environment where electrical malfunctions can lead to fires.

One primary concern is short circuits, which occur when electrical current takes an unintended path due to damaged insulation or faulty connections. Short circuits can generate sparks or heat, igniting nearby combustible materials. If the short circuit occurs in the vicinity of flammable gases or dust, it can result in a catastrophic explosion.

Overloaded circuits are another common electrical hazard. Underground mines rely on a multitude of electrical equipment simultaneously, placing heavy demands on the electrical systems. If circuits are overloaded beyond their capacity, excessive heat can build up, potentially causing insulation to melt and ignite nearby materials. Proper load management and periodic inspections are essential to prevent overloading.

Damaged or worn-out cables also pose a fire risk. Underground mining environments are harsh, with exposure to moisture, dust, vibrations, and physical stresses. These conditions can damage cable insulation, exposing the conductive wires. When damaged cables come into contact with combustible materials or other conductive surfaces, arcing or short circuits can occur, leading to fires.

The presence of flammable liquids, such as fuels or hydraulic fluids, further exacerbates the electrical fire risk. If electrical equipment or wiring comes into contact with leaking fluids, sparks or heat generated during normal operation can ignite the flammable substances, rapidly spreading the fire.

Fire Suppression Solutions

Clean agent fire suppression systems play a crucial role in protecting underground mining equipment from fire hazards. These systems utilize specialized agents, such as HFC227ea or FM-200, that are electrically non-conductive, residue-free, and safe for use in occupied spaces. Here are some ways clean agent fire suppression systems can protect underground mining equipment:

Rapid Suppression: Clean agents are designed to rapidly suppress fires by chemically interfering with the combustion process. When a fire is detected, the clean agent is discharged as a gas or a fine mist, quickly flooding the protected area and extinguishing the fire. The fast-acting nature of clean agents helps minimize fire damage to equipment, reducing downtime and the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Non-Damaging: Clean agents are non-corrosive and non-conductive, which means they do not harm sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. Unlike water or foam-based suppression systems, clean agents do not leave behind residue that can damage or short-circuit equipment. This is especially important in underground mining, where equipment is often expensive, complex, and critical to the mining operations.

Total Flooding or Local Application: Clean agent fire suppression systems can be designed for total flooding or localized protection, depending on the specific equipment and its associated fire risks. Total flooding systems release the clean agent throughout the entire protected space, ensuring uniform coverage and extinguishing fires in all areas. Local application systems use strategically placed nozzles to target specific equipment or high-risk areas, providing precise fire protection where it is needed most.

Automatic Detection and Activation: Clean agent fire suppression systems integrate with advanced fire detection technologies, such as smoke or heat detectors, to provide early fire detection and rapid response. When a fire is detected, the system automatically activates, releasing the clean agent to suppress the fire. This automated response ensures swift action even in unoccupied areas or during off-hours, minimizing the potential for fire escalation and equipment damage.

Compatibility with Enclosures and Sealed Spaces: Underground mining equipment is often housed in enclosures or sealed spaces, such as control rooms or equipment cabinets. Clean agent fire suppression systems can be specifically designed to provide effective fire protection within these confined spaces. The clean agent can reach all areas of the enclosure, including cable runs and hidden compartments, to extinguish fires and prevent re-ignition.


  • Control rooms: Clean agent systems can safeguard critical control rooms where equipment and personnel monitor and control mining operations.

  • Substations: Clean agents can protect electrical substations that supply power to various mining equipment and systems.

  • Data centers: Underground mining operations often have data centers that house servers, communication equipment, and valuable data. Clean agent systems can prevent fire damage to these sensitive components.

  • Conveyor belts: Clean agent systems can be installed along conveyor belts to suppress fires that may occur due to electrical faults or flammable materials.

  • Equipment cabinets: Clean agent systems can provide localized protection for equipment cabinets housing electronics, communication devices, or control panels.

Protect Your Business

Clean agent systems ability to rapidly suppress fires, non-damaging properties, and compatibility with enclosures make them an ideal choice for safeguarding valuable equipment and ensuring the continuity of mining operations.

Reduced Downtime

An automatic fire suppression system is specifically designed to target the heat source and eliminate the flame in just seconds.

Protect Your Staff

Your team is the most valuable asset you have. Sudden fires can not only harm your equipment, but human lives as well. Protect them at all costs with our FireSci® system.

Protect From Destruction

Your equipment, staff, and facility are all at risk when dealing with a small or large fire. The smallest of sparks can catalyze into a wave of destruction, ruining the very business you worked so hard to raise. Protect it at all cost.