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What Are Clean Agent Systems?

March 22, 2023 | Fire Safety Science 

The Basics of Clean Agent Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems are a highly effective and safe option for extinguishing fires in human-occupied spaces. They use gas agents, such as our proprietary Chemori™227 (HFC227ea), Chemori™ 5112 (FK5-1-12), and ECO7™ from Chemori Americas™ to suppress fires within seconds of detection, limiting fire damage to a small area. These systems provide three-dimensional fire protection for enclosures or rooms, including under tables or into server cabinets. They are proven to be effective in extinguishing Class A, B, and C fires.


Clean Agent Advantages


One of the main advantages of clean agent systems is that they are non-toxic and non-corrosive, making them safe for use in rooms where people are present. Unlike carbon dioxide, clean agent gases can be discharged without harming people in the room. Additionally, clean agent systems do not leave any residue after use, making it easy for businesses to resume operations without costly cleanups. In contrast, certain extinguishing agents like water, foam, and dry chemical powder often damage assets like mechanical equipment, electronics, paper documents, perishable goods, and irreplaceable collectibles.


Chemori™ 227


Clean agent fire suppression systems use heat absorption to extinguish fires and remove the heat element from a fire, making them relatively safe for use in human-occupied spaces. Chemori™ 227, for example, is a Heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea) clean agent that is stored in cylinders as a pressurized liquid and discharged as a gas agent. However, Chemori™ 227 has the highest Global Warming Potential (GWP) ratings of the three main types of clean agents, which is a measure of the amount of greenhouse gas emitted contributing to global warming.


Chemori™ 5112


Chemori™ 5112, on the other hand, is a fluorinated ketone (FK-5-1-12) clean agent that is stored in cylinders as a liquid and discharged as a gas agent. It is also a colorless, non-toxic gas that uses heat absorption to extinguish fires. Chemori™ 5112 is considered to be the more environmentally friendly option with a significantly lower GWP and atmospheric lifetime compared to Chemori™ 227.




ECO7™ is another clean agent that we offer. This agent is a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic compounds and is environmentally friendly. ECO7™ is highly effective at suppressing fires in enclosed spaces and is safe for use in areas where people are present. It is also non-toxic and leaves no residue after deployment.




Clean agent fire suppression systems are ideal for applications with electronics, sensitive technology, and high-value assets. Typical applications include server rooms, data centers, warehouses, industrial facilities, laboratories, medical facilities, museums, libraries, record repositories, and archives. They react to fires within seconds of detection and aim to extinguish fires during their early stages of growth, which helps to limit fire damage to only a small area.


Additional Benefits


Lastly, clean agent fire suppression systems are considered to be environmentally friendly options since they have zero Ozone Depletion Potential and most clean agents have a short atmospheric lifetime that dissipates quickly without polluting the environment. In contrast, other extinguishing agents cause significant environmental damage. Overall, clean agent fire suppression systems provide a safe and effective solution for protecting valuable assets while limiting damage to the environment.


In addition to our clean agents, FireSci™ also offers UL and FM-approved fire safety systems. These systems are designed to provide reliable and effective fire protection in a wide range of environments. Our team of experienced professionals can help you select the right system for your needs and provide installation and maintenance services to ensure that your system is always in top working condition.


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