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Stay Proactive

FireSci® is the first and only proactive fire suppression system that lets you track the status of your assets at the palm of your hand.

In connection with our SYHUB™, our app will learn the operating conditions of your systems and warn you of any potential discharges or abnormal conditions detected.


SYHUB™ Learns About Your Systems

Powered by a state-of-the-art processor, SYHUB™ learns the normal operating conditions of your system and, in conjunction with our FireSci® App, advises you if abnormal conditions are detected such as a system discharge.


SYHUB™ also monitors suppression discharges and potential fire re-ignitions. SYHUB™ if fully battery operated, RoHS compliant, and its enclosure is manufactured from recycled materials.




/ Register

Step 1

Start tracking the status of your equipment by registering your account through the FireSci® app. FireSci® admin will then review your submission, and if approved, will send you a sign-in PIN for your new account. You can also obtain a FireSci® PIN by purchasing our products which will come with three unique sign-in PIN’s. Fill in the required information to get your account set up. Once your account is created, sign-in by entering your unique PIN or your e-mail address used to create your account. And you’re all set to add your systems!

Add Your Systems

Step 2

Adding systems is simple and quick. Every SYHUB™ system will come with a unique System Identification Number (SIN). The SIN is used to identify which product you’re connecting to your wi-fi as well as identifying a system discharge in case of emergency. Navigate through the FireSci® app and fill the required information for your system to add it to the specific location the system was installed at.

Start Tracking

Step 3

The FireSci® app enables users to track multiple devices under multiple locations. Users and installers will get notifications about abnormal operating conditions, connectivity status, and system readiness. You decide which information is relevant to ensure safety for your business.  

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